Seeding the Commons is the first season of a long term programme from Custom Food Lab exploring art-making as a practice of commoning knowledge systems around food. It will include a series of convivial gatherings and offerings in the form of workshops, artist publications and discursive events alongside the development of artist-led community food growing practice with the Locavore Growing Project.

Beginning in June 2022, we look forward to working with Jack Ky Tan, Raju Rage, Didier Rochard, Zoe Palmer (Dreaming Field Lab), Helene Schulze, Alice Tatton Brown, Hilary Powell, Sage Brice, Cherry Truluck, Francine Hajillou, Emily Ghassempour, the Gaia Foundation, Food in Our Hands (Landworkers Alliance) and our communities to connect hyperlocal practices together for translocal impact.