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  • Harvest: Roasted Carrot & naked oat risotto

    Harvest: Roasted Carrot & naked oat risotto

    A satisfying and health-giving dish for February. Oat groats are incredibly filling and naked oats in particular are packed with beta glucan which is said to support the attenuation of seasonal shifts affecting our circadian rhythm and is also used to enhance heart health, as it can reduce cholesterol levels. The nutty flavour of the oat […]

  • Sow: Moon Milk

    Sow: Moon Milk

    The recent festival of Imbolc “symbolizes the halfway point between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). The word “imbolc” means “in the belly of the Mother,” because the seeds of spring are “beginning to stir in the belly of Mother Earth” (Dhruti Bhagat). It is connected to the celtic goddess Brigid, who […]

  • Malt: An Oat Flour Macaron

    Malt: An Oat Flour Macaron

    Image: ‘Malt’, an oat flour macaron. Developed by artist Cherry Truluck with chef Grace Gibbons. Photo Anne Tezlaff. Shared from As part of the Politics of Food, season five at Delfina Foundation in 2022, artist Cherry Truluck launched THE ANIMIST ALMANAC, her six-year programme of arts-based research and practice around oat cultivation and fugitive temporalities. The event (also […]