Entangled Roots is a series of creative workshops in Folkestone, Kent for adults and families exploring the intersections of land/food/social/racial/reparative justice. It is developed in collaboration with Diaspora Garden, an emerging growers group for black people and people of colour, co-founded by Custom director Charmaine Jacobs and writer Francine Hajillou to connect community food growing with diasporic cultures in Folkestone.

to the sea, the hills and the garden

12th November 2022
26th November 2022
10th December 2022

A series of three fortnightly reading/walking circles for folk who identify as women or non-binary people of colour led by Francine Hajilou and supported by Emily Ghassempour. 
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Community Knowledge Share

Beginning 6th November 2022
Our communities are full of all the knowledge they need for a resilient and creative future. These sessions in the Locavore Community Garden are an opportunity to learn from and with your community about growing and sharing food together. No experience necessary – just turn up!

families and intergenerational exchange

Following on from ‘to the sea, the hills and the garden’, in 2023 we will open the reading/walking circles out to invite the families, close and extended, of women and non-binary people of colour. Led by Emily Ghassempour of Books for Change. More information coming soon.