Entangled Roots is a series of creative workshops in Folkestone, Kent for adults and families exploring the intersections of land/food/social/racial/reparative justice. It is developed in collaboration with Diaspora Garden, an emerging growers group for black people and people of colour, co-founded by Custom director Charmaine Jacobs and writer Francine Hajillou to connect community food growing with diasporic cultures in Folkestone.

12th November 2022
10th December 2022

7th January 2023
A series of three fortnightly reading/walking circles for folk who identify as women or non-binary people of colour led by Francine Hajilou and supported by Emily Ghassempour. 
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13th November 2022
20th November 2022
11th December 2022
18th December 2022

Our communities are full of all the knowledge they need for a resilient and creative future. These sessions in the Locavore Community Garden are an opportunity to learn from and with your community about growing and sharing food together. No experience necessary – just turn up!

28th January 2023
25th February 2023

Following on from ‘to the sea, the hills and the garden’, in 2023 we will open the reading/walking circles out to invite the families people of colour. Led by Emily Ghassempour of Books for Change.

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