Meeting at Martello Primary we’ll take a circular 2 mile route along East Cliff culminating back at Martello Primary, where we will head into Locavore Community Garden. Here we will take a walk around the garden in its dormant wintery form. As a group we will discuss topics of food sovereignty, growing food as a radical act of racial justice, and speculate on the future of an intentional BPOC growers community in Folkestone.   


What 3 Words: ///campfires.decreased.girder


Martello Primary, Warren Way, Folkestone CT19 6DT, on street parking on Warren Way and neighbouring roads.


From Folkestone Bus Station, Platform C bus 91 East Cliff, 6 min (7 stops) to Foreland Avenue, walk about 4 min, 0.2 mi to Martello Primary.

Reading 4th-10th December

This week’s reading includes reportage and an extract from memoir. Focusing on growing food as a radical and healing act that connects us to ancestral knowledge, Black and POC led community food initiatives, and politics around indigenous foods. Please consider this question: Do you feel that local movements towards sustainable living and food growing and food security represent you as women of colour and what do you imagine a future looks like where the voices of women of colour globally are heard amongst leaders in this field?   

Reading List:

Unearthed: On Race and Roots and How The Soil Taught Me I Belong, by Claire Ratinon. (Google Books preview, intro only)

Various articles from Gal-Dem:

Short Film