Entangled Roots – To The Sea, The Hills and The Garden is a series of three fortnightly reading/walking circles for folk who identify as women or non-binary people of colour led by Francine Hajilou and supported by Emily Ghassempour. In preparation for each walk we invite you, during the week prior to the walk, to read a variety of selected pieces of online nature writing by women of colour in the form of links that make up an ‘e-reader’ of a collection of short texts, extracts from longer works and videos, featuring memoir, reportage and poetry on themes of identity, home, belonging, food, and community.

Saturday 12th November 12.30-2pm
Walk 1: To The Sea.
Samphire Hoe.

Saturday 10th December  12.30-2pm
Walk 2. The Hills.
Folkestone Downs

Saturday 7th January 12.30-2pm
Walk 3. The Garden.
Locavore Community Garden

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