24 page risograph zine, cover page printed on Fenner paper  made from 100% agricultural waste (tear it off and compost it!).  Internal pages on recycled paper.

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A Zine by Raju Rage

Raju: “I have been researching into areas of commons/commoning, politics of food, bacteria, fungi and mycellium, moss, healing plants, agricultural knowledges/systems of knowledge, land and food sovereignty, climate change-capitalism- colonialism logics, post-natural studies, social-political justice, anti colonial and abolition movements,transformative healing justice and more. One thing that underlies this all for me is THE HUMAN relationship to land/territory/soil and how we live/breathe/extract/consume it. This zine is a gathering of some of my research and practice in attempt to intermingle ingredients and ideas together and form a recipe from them as a way to reflect about de/compostion (one that will be different for each reader). “

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